The Film everyone is talking about

Why Advantage Automotive Films?

Our films are manufactured unlike any other film. Made 100% in the USA, performance films that heat, shape very easily and therefore, they are less likely to be compromised during the installation process. Once installed, you will see first hand that our films are clearly the best. Our automotive films are manufactured in a wide variety of constructions, shapes and visible light transmissions. Automobile owners agree, Advantage Automotive Films look great and perform even better.

What does No-Color-Change mean?

No-Color-Change means that over the life of the film, the color will remain the same. A manufacture's nation wide warranty insuring that no matter where you take your automobile - you're covered by Advantage Automotive Films.

What is VMS?

Vanguard-Mounting-System is the back bone of Advantage Automotive Films. VMS has the highest temperature rating of any mounting adhesive available. Even in the hottest climate, the Vanguard-Mounting-System will firmly bond the film to the surface of the glass while remaining crystal clear. VMS is 100% made in the USA and only available in the Advantage Film product line- up.


A visible difference... a distinct ADVANTAGE! Choose the Advantage Automotive Film that is right for you today.